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New normal: The beauty of Optimism


Event Styling in Time of  "New Normal"

A new way to cope with reality : optimism


It’s a chance to reclaim love and realize dreams,

to drift your imagination to the beautiful things to come.

Allow yourself to paint the details of your day

and let your love lead you to a dream-made-real moment.


It’s time to make your story truly yours.



At Designmill, we are finding possible ways to creatively adapt our milling aesthetic process with new approaches. From utilising the space, arranging a thoughtful layout, to personalising the details down to the very last minute, our team thrives in constraints and limitations to visualise all details for a memorable, beautiful setting.


With more intimate celebrations, come bolder, more personal elements that speak volume of the bride and groom. We see the rise of a contemporary style infused into elegant designs, that represents optimistic love we all crave and wish for. A juxtaposition of light and dark colours creates harmonious balance, while still highlighting the beautiful Bali surroundings.


Here are some key ideas that hopefully can spark inspirations in your wedding planning process:


  • Purposely considered elements placed on the table

  • Hygiene goes hand in hand with aesthetics

  • Togetherness in safe distance

  • Less contacts, more experiences

  • Statement pieces as grand gestures

  • Thoughtful messages to greet the guests

  • Digital and real-life complement one another 


Take a peek at some of the highlights of our new normal celebration – props to the beloved couples for pushing through the limitations and showing that love makes things possible. 

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