Wedding in Bali


Conceptual, bold and elegant – those three words describe Designmill & Co.’s signature best.

Conceptual stands for creative and innovative design that is developed together with the bride- and groom-to-be; each design is a collaboration to transform the ordinary to become one-of-a-kind.

Bold is for the marriage of intelligence and intuitiveness for an artistic experience in a wedding.


Those conceptual and bold designs are delivered in elegant manner – thoughtful, gracious and well balanced. Putting together a beautiful concept is one thing, personalising a thorough aesthetic design is another.


From the ideation to the design and preparation stage, various close relationships are built, myriad characters are understood. To achieve the best results, teamwork and organised process are paramount.

Each wedding project is treated by Designmill as a pursuit of stellar design and innovation.


A team of well-versed designers carry the task to first understand the characters of the couple, to then reflect their personalities and wishes to various elements. The many decoration aspects of the event thus do not merely set the ambience, but also speak volume of the king and queen of the day. Therefore, the design stage is a two-way process, in which designers and the couple actively communicate to ensure that the vision is realised in the best possible way.


To put together a decoration from small to large scale, a solid team is dedicated to prepare and set the assembly. Designmill’s close-knit team members are always at their most ready, even when external factors can possibly affect the decoration process. For an event that will last a lifetime, perfection is the ultimate goal.


And this is what Designmill’s team has visualised from the start: a day full of hard work that is paid off with smiles, warmth, and of course, love.