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wedding decoration in Bali


Be it outdoor or indoor, by the cliff or by the sea, tucked amongst gardens or positioned in an open air, one’s dream wedding setting can be realised through a designer’s keen eye on details and fully fledged concept.



Our services package : 

Event Styling  //  Decoration  //  Concept Drawing


As an event stylist, we conceptualise your event design and style ideas, implement the concept in a thematic aesthetic direction and work together with you to ensure that the vision is realised in the best possible way.


We design a thorough concept that focuses on all visual aesthetic elements of your special day, to create a lasting impression and timeless memory. Suited for modern couples who seek personalised details and standout celebration, our services made for the creatively inclined:

  • Detailed concept board with colour palette, ambience, personalised sketches, 3D collages and floral selection

  • Papeterie and printable stationery designs that follow the theme

  • Invitation design

  • Morning styling and knick knacks

  • Construction and installation

  • Minutiae production and customisation

  • Flower arrangement and personal flower

  • Aesthetic consultation for vendors involved in the event

Event styling service & production starts from USD 22,500


As a decorator, we elevate the interior and outdoor spaces to create a specific mood/ambience by building specific structures, creating installations, sourcing furniture, producing ornaments and setting details.


  • Detailed concept board with colour palette, ambience, personalised sketches and floral selection

  • Table settings Papeterie and printable stationery designs that follow the theme

  • Construction and installation

  • Flower arrangement and personal flower

Decoration service & production starts from USD 15,000


Concept to realisation;

Our team of wedding designers, papeterie designers, production specialists and project managers craft an end-to-end event styling and decoration concepts that transforms the ordinary into a one-of-a-kind setting. We provide each concept in a detailed presentation that comprises Idea, Sketch, Moodboard  & 3D collages.

Each concept should reflect the bride- and groom-to-be’s story, elevated through on-point implementation by our in-house experts.

For concept styling only starts from USD 2,500



Our signatures :

Artistic, creative and sophisticated – those three words describe Designmill & Co.’s signature best. Artistic is for the marriage of intelligence and intuitiveness for an artistic experience in a wedding. Creative stands for fresh and innovative design. Those artistic and creative designs are delivered in a sophisticated manner – thoughtful, gracious and well balanced.


Our design balances the statement with the delicate, through five main styles: Classic, Modern, Natural, Contemporary and Rustic.


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